21:19 21 July 2021
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Instead of rebuilding Saski Palace, let’s rebuild the Polish Loire Valley

Instead of rebuilding Saski Palace, let’s rebuild the Polish Loire Valley

The Law and Justice party’s plans to rebuild the Saski Palace have returned and with it controversies and alternative ideas on how to use the 2.5 billion zlotys that this gigantic investment will cost. Activists from the Society for the Beautification of the City of Wrocław postulate that instead of rebuilding the Palace in Warsaw, the splendor of the so-called Polish Loire Valley should be restored.

The Polish Loire Valley is called the palaces, castles, and manor houses located in Lower Silesia. There are as many as 760 palaces and manor houses in this region, some of which have fallen into private hands in the last dozen or so years, some are for sale, and others are still standing and deteriorating. More than one hundred of them belong to the National Agricultural Support Centre (former Agricultural Property Agency, which merged with the Agricultural Market Agency). The original Loire Valley lies in France. It is the region between Sully-sur-Loire and Chalonnes-Sur-Loire, where there are impressive medieval and Renaissance castles and chateaux from the Enlightenment period.

Restoring such objects as those located in Lower Silesia entails enormous costs - depending on the condition of the property, its size, and the purpose it is to serve in the future, they run into millions of zlotys. This is well known to private investors, who have decided to buy such buildings in the region and convert them into hotels and luxury leisure facilities. An example is a palace in Wojanów, whose interior and roofs were additionally destroyed by fire in 2002, and in the past, the monument was used for years by the local State Agricultural Farm. Its renovation was started by the new owners in 2004. Today the palace houses a hotel with over 80 rooms and 11 suites, a spa, gym, and swimming pool, as well as a conference center. It is also possible to organize a wedding reception.


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