20:09 10 October 2019
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KIR and KDPW to cooperate on projects using blockchain

KIR and KDPW to cooperate on projects using blockchain
source: Pixabay

The National Clearing House (KIR) and the National Depository for Securities (KDPW) have concluded an agreement on their strategic cooperation regarding supporting the development of the Polish financial innovation sector with a particular emphasis put on the fintech area. The institutions’ plans include the creation of a test environment (sandbox) in which they will implement projects using distributed register technology (blockchain).

“Under the agreement, the parties declare cooperation on, among other things, the intensification of the computerization of the payment and financial market by using distributed register technology and implementing innovative technological solutions in regulatory and supervisory areas. KDPW is another institution, after the KNF Office, for which KIR will provide its own blockchain platform,” KDPW said in a release.

KDPW has created a blockchain platform for the capital market. Since July 1, 2019, the platform has been supporting the process of preparing lists of persons authorized to participate in companies’ general meetings and delivering those lists to issuers. An application called eVoting, which allows for remote voting at general meetings, has also been launched on the platform.



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