21:28 1 June 2020
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Less than half of companies benefited from anti-crisis shield

Less than half of companies benefited from anti-crisis shield
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Less than half of the companies – exactly 46 percent – benefited from assistance under the anti-crisis shield. Most often – in about 40 percent of cases – they were looking after being released from social insurance contributions.

In the following months, entrepreneurs will need the most subsidies for employees' salaries (47.3 percent), maintaining a minimum wage of PLN 2,600 (45.5 percent), financial support under the PFR financial shield (40 percent.)

Immediately after being released from paying contributions, respondents pointed to further deferrals of tax payments and co-financing of employees' salaries from the labor office. Almost 48 percent of entrepreneurs who have submitted applications for support have not yet received the decision to grant it. Those who received them usually waited up to two weeks (15.9 percent), up to a month (11.4 percent) or several days (also 11.4 percent).

In addition to the tardiness of the offices, the problem is also the ambiguity of the regulations – every third entrepreneur emphasized. They had to wait too long for the application to be processed, and they had difficulty obtaining detailed information. In their opinion, also the access criteria are too narrow.

“You can see that what companies value most is fast-acting institutions and help, which is a relief from paying public law tributes. The dismissal from Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) worked well despite the fact that it is limited to only some entrepreneurs. That is why the others demand the extension of such aid to larger companies, and those companies that have already benefited from it expect the extension to be continued for the next months,” Joanna Torbé, a BCC expert on labor law and social security, commented.

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