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22:26 18 June 2019
Post by: WBJ

'Lets Fintech with PKO Bank Polski!' to cooperate with National Cloud Operator

Banking innovation platform "Let's Fintech with PKO Bank Polski!" has established cooperation with the Operator of National Clouds, said PKO BP. The agreement will allow for the provision of the most advanced cloud services to all companies implementing technological implementations at the bank.

"For startups, time and ease of pivoting are key: our experience with PKO BP test environments shows that you can save weeks of work thanks to the National Cloud Operator’s technological solutions. I am very happy that the creators of the most interesting fintech will work on our infrastructure. I hope that when they become big companies, they will still use our services," said Michał Potoczek president of the National Cloud Operator.

During the first year of the "Let's Fintech with PKO Bank Polski!" initiative, over 300 startups applied for the program. Over 1/3 of the applications came from abroad. Some 150 companies had the opportunity to present their technology to a dedicated team of experts. As a result, ten solutions have been implemented and are already used by both bank customers, employees and the entire banking sector.


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