19:36 30 May 2020
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Number of Covid-19 infections in Poland still growing: Bank Millennium

Number of Covid-19 infections in Poland still growing: Bank Millennium
Source: Pixabay

According to the Bank Millennium, the analysis carried out by Mariusz Gromada, bank’s expert, shows that the trajectory of the Covid-19 epidemic in Poland resembles those observed in Ukraine and Sweden, which abandoned the introduction of quarantine for the strategy of acquiring the so-called 'herd immunity'. The trend direction is opposite to the rest of Europe.

"The seven-day moving average for Poland clearly indicates an increase in new infections. The direction of trend changes is opposite to those in other European countries," reads the post on the official Bank Millennium Twitter profile.

Poland is thus at a completely different stage of the fight against the epidemic than the Czech Republic, Austria, the Netherlands or Belgium, where the number of new cases of coronavirus infection is systematically decreasing.

Still, from a global perspective, the Covid-19 pandemic is accelerating. There are more and more cases worldwide – the number of new confirmed infections is around 100,000 daily.


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