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Open Source in business – Warsaw

The conference Open source in business is a free of charge meeting, which is devoted to the subject of open solutions and their practical application in companies.

Open Source in business – Warsaw

The event is aimed at bringing together professional specialists and enthusiasts of open source software.
The conference will take place on 18 June at Hotel Courtyard by Marriott Warsaw Airport in Warsaw.


Free solutions, which allow for costless implementation and modification by their users according to needs of the institution or company, are more and more often chosen tools. The possibilities presented by them are one of many factors affecting the growing popularity of CRM and ERP softwares.  


We will talk about following issues:

                     What do the 6-pack of beer and open source have to do with each other?
(Grzegorz Krzemiński – Institute of Security and Information)

                     Open Source technological stack in business
(Jerzy Baranowski – EuroLinux)

                     WordPress vs Drupal – when and for whom?
(Paweł Wałuszko -

                     Zimbra – awakening power!
(Tomasz Makieła – INTALIO)

                     Practical Open Source's tools ready to be used in your business and organization
(Tomasz Mikołajczyk – INTALIO)

                     Alfresco from process modeling to digital transformation
Marcin Makowski - BeOne)

                     Infrastructure management, systems and network monitoring with the use of open source's technology
(Krzysztof Szmigielski – Wolski's Hospital).


The conference is adressed mainly to:

1.                  decision-making people (CIO, CEO, CTO)

2.                  security specialists, who want to learn practical methods of protection

3.                  IT specialists, who want to know something more about free softwares

4.                  people interested in CRM and ERP softwares

5.                  enthusiasts of open source solutions.


The main sposors of the event are companies Intalio Open Source Experts and Zimbra.


The participation of the meeting is free of charge! To take a part in this conference, all You have to do is compliting the registration form, whicz You can find on website:

Visit us also in Facebook:

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