16:21 30 June 2020
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Poland coped well with coronavirus: largest owner of shopping centers

Poland coped well with coronavirus: largest owner of shopping centers
Source: EPP via Facebook

South African company EPP, listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, among others, is the largest owner of shopping centers in Poland. The group is optimistic about our country's exit from the crisis following the coronavirus pandemic.

In their opinion, Poland will be among the three best regenerating economies of the European Union after the pandemic.

According to them, swift government action in the face of coronavirus threat has allowed the country to be defrosted early. Thanks to this, shopping centers in Poland were opened even earlier than originally planned.

Accordingly, they expect their annual earnings per share to be between four and five cents euros by the end of December, a decrease of 46.6 percent. - i.e. by 33.3 percent compared to the previous period.

The EPP’s portfolio includes 32 projects (25 commercial, six office and one multi-functional during planning) with a total value of over €2 billion and a leasable area of ​​over 1 million sqm.


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