21:28 21 September 2020
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Poland Europe's sixth most complex country in terms of business legislation and regulation

Poland Europe's sixth most complex country in terms of business legislation and regulation
Source: TMF Group

The way Poland deals with the rules and regulations that apply to business representatives ranks the country in the 6th position in Europe and 26th in the world. Bad news is, that the higher rank is, the more barriers for business are encountered. These are the findings of the latest report prepared by TMF Group, a global company providing business services to companies operating locally and internationally. 

TMF Group's experts compared the main legal and administrative regulations and administrative provisions for doing business in different countries in 77 jurisdictions around the world. Such studies are considered by multinational companies when deciding to start a business in a given country.

In Europe, the countries with the most business-friendly rules and regulations are the Netherlands, Ukraine, Denmark and Norway. Poland is just behind the lowest five in the European report - France, Greece, Germany, Switzerland and Russia. In the world, Curaçao, Israel and the United States are the most business-friendly, and Indonesia, Nicaragua and the United Arab Emirates are the lowest.

However, as the authors of the report point out, it is not the increasingly complex rules and regulations for business (which often cover all countries due to, among other things, the implementation of international business regulations), which determine the friendliness of a given country in this respect, but the way in which they are implemented. The report uses the concept of 'customer service' as a means of communication between state institutions and business, the quality of which is most affected by the use of modern technologies.

"The complexity of rules and regulations is one thing. The same rules often apply to many countries. However, practice has shown that even if similar rules have to be complied with in some countries, businesses can do so more easily, while in others they encounter difficulties. These arise mainly from the way in which a given provision is implemented. In countries where modern technology is used for this purpose, communication with the administration is simple and fast,” Joanna Romańczuk, Managing Director of TMF Group in Poland and Ukraine, said.


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