22:13 16 September 2020
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Poland ranks high in Responsible Development Index

Poland ranks high in Responsible Development Index
Source: Pikrepo

Poland came 32nd out of 159 countries analyzed in the Index for Responsible Development, which is a measure of the level of development of countries prepared by the Polish Economic Institute (PIE). The ranking is headed by Sweden, Denmark and Norway, and Poland is followed by, among others, Greece and Croatia, the Institute said.

The mentioned 32nd place is a result eight places better than it would appear from the ranking according to GDP per capita. Our country fared better than e.g. Russia or China, and among the EU countries: Greece, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania and Bulgaria, the PIE emphasized.

"Countries which have GDP per capita higher than Polish GDP in purchasing power parity, but rank lower in our Index, are the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Lithuania. We also perform relatively well compared to the Visegrad Group countries. We are just behind Hungary and Slovakia, which took 30th and 31st positions, while the Czech Republic, which took 20th place, is ahead of us," Piotr Arak, PIE director, said.

According to the Responsible Development Index, Poland has the strongest position in terms of current welfare (Pillar I of the Index), which is influenced by relatively low income inequalities. The world leaders in this factor are Hong Kong, the United States and Norway.


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