22:21 27 September 2021
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Poland should receive funds from NRP with the government's pragmatic approach

Poland should receive funds from NRP with the government's pragmatic approach
Source: eNewsroom

Poland has entered into a conflict with the European Union, which may have severe consequences not only for the state budget but also for new investments and for the entire process of economic recovery after the pandemic. Experts hope that at a crucial moment Poland will agree to respect the superiority of EU law over constitutional law. However, this uncertainty puts the National Reconstruction Plan – which is largely financed by these funds – on hold.

"At present, the point is to present Poland's plans in this area to the European Commission. However, these plans are subject to criticism from the Union. Therefore, there is considerable uncertainty about whether they will be accepted. President Kaczyński spoke at the press conference about something completely different than what the European Commission has in mind," prof. Stanisław Gomułka, the chief economist of the BCC, former deputy finance minister, said.

In his opinion, the European Commission understands it as an improvement in the situation of enterprises and the improvement of individual countries in the long run. It is about things that have little to do with politics. Meanwhile, the ruling government in Poland thinks primarily about the implementation of its own ideas related to the need to stay in power.

"A similar situation takes place in Hungary. The difference of opinion is very strong. This matter remains unresolved and I suspect that the government is counting on its point of view to prevail. However, it is very doubtful – because the rules established by the European Commission are mandatory for All countries and no exceptions are allowed. The question is whether the government will be willing to spend more than PLN 200 billion in resources just to be successful in the next elections? Paradoxically, this electoral success may be less if they reject the EU funds. I think there will be an agreement on this issue," Gomułka assessed.


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