21:42 5 July 2022
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Poland still has a problem pushing its interests internationally

Poland still has a problem pushing its interests internationally
Dr. Tomasz Smura, source: Newseria

Regulations adopted by the European Union and recommendations from international institutions significantly impact the shape of Polish rules. However, Poland still has a problem pushing its interests on their forums and ensuring that these international regulations, worked out through negotiations and compromises, are as favorable to it as possible, according to a new report prepared by the Kazimierz Pulaski Foundation. Experts point out that Poland is underrepresented in EU institutions and international organizations. Despite more than 30 years of sovereignty over its foreign policy, it is also still just learning how to operate effectively in the global environment. Recent months have seen an increase in our country's role in the international arena, which is worth taking advantage of.

"Over the past few years, Poland's position on the international stage has unfortunately not been as good as we would have hoped. We had a difficult start with the Joe Biden administration, which was affected by, among other things, issues related to the rule of law, media freedom, etc. It was difficult to organize at least a visit of high-level members of the American administration to Poland. Similarly, in the EU forum, in contacts with our most important partners, i.e., France and Germany, with whom we also had various disputes," Dr. Tomasz Smura, director of the Office of Analysis and member of the board of the Kazimierz Pulaski Foundation, said.


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