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0:12 15 September 2021
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Polish companies to be poorly prepared for full digitization

Polish companies to be poorly prepared for full digitization
Source: Photo by Shahadat Rahman on Unsplash

By 2030, three out of four companies in the European Union will use cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence solutions, according to the predictions of the Digital Compass. However, 97 percent of managers in Polish enterprises admit that their company has not yet completed the digital transformation process, and only about a quarter of them believe that their company is currently at an advanced stage.

Meanwhile, globally, spending on artificial intelligence is growing. According to data from this year, the budgets of 74 percent of the surveyed companies allocated for this purpose exceeded the value of $500,000. However, a necessary condition for the success of any AI implementation is a solid foundation in the form of digitally available data. It is, therefore, no surprise that 9 out of 10 companies declare to increase the intensity of spending in these areas, and investments in digital transformation and sustainable development have the potential to generate around 5.7 million new jobs in Europe by the end of the decade.

Achieving the ambitious goals set by the European Commission will certainly be a challenge for Polish entrepreneurs. In terms of innovation, compared to other EU countries, Poland ranks only 4th from the end, according to the European Innovation Scoreboard. The reasons for this state of affairs are different – most often they are costs related to innovation, lack of adequate support, or insufficient knowledge on the subject.

"Poland is a leader in the area of ​​consumer openness to innovation and digital transformation, as evidenced by the increases in the financial sector. It is also the first in the Central and Eastern Europe region and the seventh in the European Union in terms of the number of experts working on the development or implementation of technologies based on artificial intelligence. Before the pandemic, however, this did not translate into a more intensive approach to innovation by local companies," Marcin Somla, Country Manager of SER Group in Poland, noted.


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