21:01 20 November 2019
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Polish exports may deteriorate in following months – PIE

Polish exports may deteriorate in following months – PIE
source: Pxhere

In the following months, the condition of Polish exports may deteriorate, as the economists of the Polish Economic Institute (PIE) assess

In the period of January-September 2019, Polish exports amounted to PLN 745.9 billion and at current prices was higher compared to the same period of the previous year by 6.5 percent.

“The good condition of Polish exports observed after the first three quarters may, however, deteriorate in the following months. In October, the new orders indicator, which is a component of PMI, has fallen at the fastest pace since April 2009. The decreasing number of export orders due to weakening demand on foreign markets has affected negatively on production in Polish enterprises, its level dropped the fastest since June 2009,” PIE said. 

Experts from PIE noted, that this may herald a slowdown in the growth rate in the Polish industrial sector as a result of uncertainty about Brexit, the slowdown in the largest euro area economy, and the emergence of competition from China. 



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