Living room, several bedrooms and bathrooms, a dressing room, and three terraces, including one green. All this on two levels, in a luxurious building overlooking a river in the city center. How much do such apartments cost and who buys them?  AC0503 - is a symbol of prestige among the apartments of the developer Bouygues Immobilier Polska. This code hides one of their most luxurious apartments. It is located in the Centerville building at ul. Drobnera.

On almost 140 sqm there are 5 bedrooms (including a living room with a kitchenette), two bathrooms and a dressing room. The apartment is a duplex and is located on the top two floors: the fifth and the sixth. Due to this location, the terraces offer panoramic views of several parts of Wrocław. There are three terraces here. Two at the higher level total over 30 sqm. surface. One of these terraces is green.

"Terraces with great views are certainly one of the greatest advantages of this apartment. Many people dream of such amenities. Apartments with terraces have become very popular this year," Cezary Grabowski, sales and marketing director at Bouygues Immobilier Polska, which built Centerville, noted

"The great advantage of the apartments is also their above-average, almost three-meter height," he added.

The terraces were lined with exotic Bangkirai wood, obtained from trees of the Shorea genus. These trees are found in Southeast Asia and grow in the rainforests of Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Malaysia. 

Centerville is located right on the Odra River, which in this city is a natural border between the Old Town with the Market Square and the atmospheric Nadodrze - a district full of tenement houses, craft workshops, restaurants, cafes, and places of culture. To the east of Centerville lies Ostrów Tumski - the oldest part of Wrocław.

"Centerville is our flagship project in Wrocław, which we are very proud of. Everything was made here with the utmost care and attention to every detail," Cezary Grabowski admitted. The price of this apartment is PLN 1.53 million. There are several similar apartments in Centerville.


cezary grabowski
bouygues immobilier polska

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