21:16 19 November 2019
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Pure hydrogen to be produced in Austria

Pure hydrogen to be produced in Austria
source: H2Future

The largest pure hydrogen production plant in the world has started operating in Austria, reports Recharge News. The project creators (the Austrian energy network and the Dutch research organization TNO)  believe that this marks a milestone in the global development of the possibilities of new ways of energy supply. The H2Future power plant is located at the steel plant Voestalpine in Linz. It consists of a Siemens Silyzer 300 PEM electrolyzer, which divides water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen using renewable electricity supplied by the Austrian energy company Verbund.

“The new power plant has a capacity of over 6 MW and is currently considered the most efficient and state-of-the-art facility of this type,” project partners said.

The zero-emission hydrogen produced at the plant will be used to produce steel. 



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