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20:33 12 April 2021
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Sławomir Nowak leaves arrest in Warsaw's Białołęka district

Sławomir Nowak leaves arrest in Warsaw's Białołęka district
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The District Court in Warsaw did not extend Nowak's detention. Suspected of corruption, the former transport minister left the Warsaw-Białołęka Detention Center on Monday. He is under supervision and forbidden to leave the country. He also has to pay a PLN 1 million property surety.

After leaving the detention center, Nowak told journalists that he would spend the nearest time with his relatives. 

"For seven months, no contact with my loved ones, no telephone, no sighting. Total cut-off from the world. After seven months, the authorities graciously allowed me to call my wife," Nowak reported.

"I am deeply moved. Please forgive me for not being ready to comment on the things that are happening around me, going on and probably going to happen," he said.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor's office believes that the court's decision gives Nowak the opportunity to obstruct the investigation and escape. Zbigniew Ziobro, Prosecutor General, also criticized the decision of the District Court in Warsaw.

The Public Prosecutor General asked how Monday's court decision "relates to the statements of the former Prime Minister Donald Tusk a few days ago who should maintain the highest standards of not exerting pressure and not influencing independent courts, and allowed himself to say on commercial television that his friend and close associate is a de facto political prisoner and this cannot go on."

(PAP1, PAP2)

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