14:51 5 August 2020
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World remains in shock after Beirut blast

World remains in shock after Beirut blast
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Yesterday evening there was a powerful explosion in the center of the Lebanese capital of Beirut. The explosion caused massive damage to nearby streets in the city center. According to estimates from this morning, at least 100 people died as a result of the explosion and 4,000 were injured. Many of them may still be trapped under the rubble.

Correspondents from several international media have reported damage to their homes, some of which are more than a kilometer away.

The reasons for the explosion, and even how it happened, was also initially unclear. The state news agency NNA reported that a fire broke out in a port in a warehouse near several granaries. However, according to preliminary information from Lebanese officials, the explosion was caused by a fire in a fireworks factory or warehouse. Some other sources mention the big load of ammonium nitrate.

“It is unacceptable that a load of ammonium nitrate, estimated at 2,750 tonnes, has been in storage for six years without taking precautionary measures,"said Prime Minister Hassan Diab on Twitter.

It is significant that ‘The Times of Israel’ daily first reported the explosion at the Beirut port entitled "Israel is not behind the Beirut explosion, sources on both sides say."

(Times of Israel

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