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22:43 22 August 2019
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You're rich if you earn PLN 10,000 net per month - survey

You're rich if you earn PLN 10,000 net per month - survey
source: Pixabay

The largest group of Poles says that PLN 10,000 net entitles you to call yourself a really rich person. Over three-quarters of respondents (77 percent) believe that people do not have equal opportunities in Poland, according to the latest Public Opinion Research Center (CBOS) survey called “Perception of Wealth and Rich People.” 18 percent are of the opposite opinion.

Respondents most often said that in order to become rich one needs: diligence, courage and risk readiness (43 percent each), talents and abilities (36 percent each), exploiting legal loopholes, avoiding the law, and ruthlessness towards other people (all about 25 percent).

(Business Insider)


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