16:04 16 September 2023
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Minimum wage rises fastest in Poland

Minimum wage rises fastest in Poland
Source: Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

The current minimum wage in Poland is PLN 3,600. Starting from January 1st of the next year, the minimum wage will be PLN 4,242, and it will further increase to PLN 4,300 in July. This sets a new record, as the current minimum wage is nearly 20 percent higher compared to 2022, and it will increase by an additional 19 percent next year.

However, as Eurostat data shows, in the European Union, we are considered average.

Currently, higher minimum wages than ours are found in Germany (47 percent), Luxembourg (also by 47 percent), the Netherlands (by 39 percent), Belgium (by 36 percent), and France (by 27 percent). These are, of course, wealthy countries in the old EU. However, we are also surpassed by Slovenia (6 percent higher minimum wage), Spain (4.5 percent higher), and Ireland (4.3 percent higher).

On the other hand, we are noticeably ahead of Bulgaria, Latvia, and Estonia.


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